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To Market to Market

Posted by Sandie on September 4, 2011 at 1:45 AM

So I"m off to the Cedar Market  tomorrow. I'll sit at my table with my books around me handing out bookmarks and fridge magnets. The magnets are new and I'm giving one away with each book purchase.

It may seem boring sitting there for four or five hours, and the first couple times I tried it, it was. Not so much anymore. I'm getting to know people, particularity the regulars, the wonderful bunch of people who bring their fruits and veggies, crafts and yummy food to sell. Just as interesting are the people who've come to spend their money. It's amazing how many people arrive at the market with little or no money. I think they expect to find everyone with debit and credit machines. Some businesses do ahve them, most don't. I would have made more sales if some people had come with money, and when you're sitting out in the middle of a field out front of the Crow & Gate, there's not too many ATM machines. Oh well.

I was at the Duncan Market a few weeks ago when an elderly lady came by to check out my book. It took just one look at her and I knew it wasn't a good fit, but she read the back cover, checked out the front and even scanned a few pages. I told her it was full of action, adventure, romance, magic....and that was as far as I got. She dropped the book like a hot potato, said she didn't believe in magic and scurried off like I was the devil. I watched her go with what  I"m sure must have been a stupid expression. My posters say 'Fantasy' book. What did she think 'Fantasy' was? I sure wish I knew.

Last Saturday I was back at the Duncan Market and a pleasant young woman was back for a second round of checking out the book. I know she wanted it, but I'm not sure she could afford it, inexpensive as it is. I talked to her while she looked at it and then another woman showed up who appeared to be in her forties. She picked the book up and glanced at the front and back covers. 'What's Jada-Drau mean?' she said. The other woman was still there and I don't like to reveal what it means because all that happens in Tyrsa's Choice, book 2, especially with someone else right there who might not want to know. I told her my reason for not telling her and she huffed a bit.  Then she wanted to know what the book was all about. She hadn't perused the back cover blurb long enough to read it (unless she's the fastest reader in the world). I went into my spiel about 'Action! Adventure! Romance!', but she interrupted and said 'Yes, yes, but what actually happens?' I relalized then that she wanted me to tell her the condensed version of the entire book! Once again I didn't want to reveal too much because of the other possible sale and told her she should read it. She put the book down and said, in a haughty tone, "Too much information!"

I think my jaw hit the floor on that one. Too much information? I was trying not to give her any! If there hadn't been another possible reader right there, I probably would have told her more of the story than what I did, but as I said, I didn't want to ruin it for the other lady. As it turned out, the young woman didn't have enough money. I gave her a bookmark and told her it was available at Volume One. She said she'd get it there and off she went. Maybe she did, maybe she didn't, but I wasn't about to spoil the story for her.

I wonder what's in store for me tomorrow?

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Reply Sandie
11:54 PM on September 18, 2011 
Gee, my own personal editor. Where were you when I was writing this thing? lol
Reply Grumpy
11:50 PM on September 18, 2011 
I love going onto writers sites and finding errors. You, I don't find very many. You are good. HOWEVER. I found where you forgot the "i" in spoil in the above blog. You don't spol the the story, you spoil the story. Now I am happy but still respectively yours. Grumpy