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I live on an island in the Pacific; Vancouver Island to be exact, idyllic and perfect in its own way. I share a home with Charlie, my other half for thirty-five years, and two muses (known in the real world as cats) - Harmony and Molly. I have two grown children, Amanda and Aaron, who are the best kids in the world.

I have been writing for years, mostly for personal enjoyment. Besides The Jada-Drau Trilogy (The Jada-Drau, Tyrsa's Choice & The Angry Sword), I've had two ghost stories published with Whispering Spirits Digital Magazine, as well as stories  with Worlds of Wonder Magazine and Flash Me Magazine. My next series, Cat's Tales, has begun with Book 1, Arvanion's Gift out now. Check out my Facebook page for Sneak Peeks! Book 2 of Cat's Tales, Silver Cat Black Fox, will be out in the spring of 2014!


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